3 Key Features to Look For in a New Home

Visiting a new housing development can be disorienting. The bright, modern finishes and open floor plans invite you to be dazzled. So it’s difficult to gauge which amenities are worth your long-term investment, particularly if this is your first home-buying experience.

Building experts know which features translate to true value in a home. Here are three key amenities to look for when shopping for your new place, according to industry experts.

1. Smart technology

Automated devices that integrate all of your home’s systems, including HVAC, lighting, data and entertainment have become increasingly popular – and practical. This trend is due in large part to the savings and convenience the devices offer. For example, smart thermostats can be programmed to “learn” your schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly. You can also control most smart devices remotely, which means you can turn off or on your lighting, HVAC system and more right from your smartphone.

2. Safety networking

No amount of bells and whistles can compensate for a home that doesn’t feel safe. A digital network that allows you to monitor your place, both inside and out, from anywhere is a critical feature that should be incorporated into all new homes.

These systems offer additional safeguards by alerting you to problems like a carbon dioxide leak or a malfunctioning appliance so that you can take action before any real damage is done.

3. Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient homes not only save money in reduced utility bills, but also help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Look for high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, high-performance windows, water-conserving faucets and low flush toilets, and programmable thermostats. Also, when selecting appliances, be sure to choose Energy Star-rated items.

In drawing up a wish list for a new home, buyers often have to make compromises. Houses located in established, family-friendly neighborhoods rarely include updated conveniences; whereas more modern places often lack the neighborhood character you yearn for in a home.

Families are looking for ‘smart’ homes that offer energy savings, convenience and security,” says Lauressa Richardson of Bill Beazley Homes. “But they also want that neighborhood feel: inviting, walk-able streets, community meeting places, sociability.”

These are the amenities that the team at Bill Beazley Homes built in when they developed Willow Oak Village in Augusta. The crew began with the UltraSync Smart Home program, which synchronizes a home’s systems based on a homeowner’s daily activities. Then, they incorporated smart energy throughout by including EarthCents program-effective insulation, high performance windows, tight construction and efficient heating and cooling.

To promote a feeling of community, the developers also included a neighborhood pool and created walking/hiking trails that intertwine throughout the area.

When you move in, we want you to feel like you’re moving into more than just a house,” says Bill Beazley. We want you to feel like you’re moving into the family home.”

Rated the No.1 smart home builder in the Augusta River region, Bill Beazley Homes is a name you can trust when it comes to developing state-of-the-art energy efficient homes.

Visit Willow Oak Village at 4407 Raleigh Drive, Groveton, GA, to take a look today. Agents are on duty from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday and Monday. To learn more, visit online at BillBeazleyHomes.com or call (706) 863-4888.